Bidhannagar, P.O: ABL Township, Durgapur- 713206 2502181/2504152

our goal

“To transform students into persons of

competence, conscience, compassion, character and faith”

Our Goal is to assist in the formation of “New Persons”, transformed by the message of Christ, who will be witnesses to His death and Resurrection in their own lives. Those who graduate from our schools should have acquired, in ways proportional to their age and maturity, a way of life that is in itself a proclamation of the charity of Christ, of the faith that comes from him and leads back to Him, and the justice which He announced.

Our school provides a curriculum and a school environment that helps young men focus on:

1.Forming their consciences.

2.Learning how to match their talents to the needs of their times.

3.Balancing social and political points of view in discourse steeped in Ignatian discernment that leads if not to agreement, then to mutual respect and a desire for reconciliation.

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Address: Bidhannagar, P.O: ABL Township, Durgapur- 713206
Phone No: 7319404207 / 7319404208
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